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Jokkmokk's market going digital

Germany has their Christmas markets, and Scandinavia have the winter markets. Far less known outside Scandinavia they are an old tradition that dates back to the Viking age.

On of the most famous market (perhaps the most famous) is the market in Jokkmokk in northern Sweden every February since 1605. But the 416th market will be held online, which is really not the same as a real market. But, the upside is that anyone with an internet connection can participate. The opening ceremony is tomorrow (the 3rd) at 17:30 CET, and then other events of all kinds will follow. For those who are interested in seeing what it looks like when a traditional market goes online, you can follow it at

I'm looking forward to "visit" the market and I thought I might not be the only one that is a bit bored with the pandemic and want something to do for a while…

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I'll drop in.. Maybe I'll see you, Badger. I'll be in a Stetson wearing a pink carnation. Do you think that will blend in?

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I'll think you'll blend in just fine Nigel! That is the advantage of an online market, no need to think about what you're wearing!

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This is interesting. I am just a bit sad I am having trouble getting my schedule to match - but I might sit here all day. :)