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Itinerary help for South Sweden trip

We are planning a trip for August and would like help finding places to stay verses places to just pass through, while seeing towns where ancestors lived. Our ideas so far:

Ystad (2 nights)
Kalmar (2 nights)
Oland (1 night)
Vaxjo (1 night)
visits to the town of Osby and Odeshog which are where our ancestors are from
Vadstenna (2 nights)
Stockholm (1 week)
Should we try to see Lund or Kristianistad? Other towns?
Is this a good amount of time in these places? We are looking to spend time in towns that have old parts that have great scenery with old streets and buildings, but have some good food options and sightseeing options. Thanks for any ideas.

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My wife has cousins who live in southern Sweden, and we visited them last July. Delightful people and charming locations.
They live in a small town about half-way between Kristianstad and Karlskrona called Morrum (pronounced 'more room' as in why would you buy a larger house? So you would have more room.)
I cannot suggest an accommodation in that region as we stayed with them, but everywhere we went had what appeared to be small and midsize guesthouses and hotels.
My father-in-law is a first generation American. His parents are from that part of Sweden and it seems it was a point of departure for many with plans to relocate to the new world in the early part of the twentieth century. Some of his family remained in Sweden - hence the cousin connection.
We arrived from Stockholm by train, with a connection in Hassleholm. The rail service is excellent, but do make reservations if your plans include travel in that mode. We had a rail pass and found it to be very helpful in both Sweden and Norway, although there are frequent criticisms of them in this forum.

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So happy to see you are visiting Ystad. I also stayed there 2 nights and feel that is a good amount of time. I recommend going to Ales Stenar when you are there. I stayed at Sekelgarden Hotel Anno 1793 and enjoyed it very much.

I think one night at Kalmar would be enough but I see you have some other 1 night stops and you wouldn't want too many of these in a row.

Have a great trip and please come back and post a trip report.

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Even though i live in Sweden (Stockholm) i dont know If i have that much advice to give. For some reason you rarely travel in your own country :)
Two small bits of advice though. I would maybe swap the itinary to 1 night in Kalmar and 2 nights on Öland. Öland is a very nice island defintely worth a bit more time If you can. And the second tip would be a lodging tip for your one night in Kalmar; Clarion collection Hotel Kalmar (Packhuset). Its a very nice Hotel but the special thing about it is your evening meal is included in the hotel price (which is great in Sweden where dining out is expensive) - and you have your evening meal on a terrace overlooking the water (i.e. Nice wiew/setting).
I think they charge approx $150 for a double and thats including both breakfast and evening meal.

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I agree with Malin about the suggestion to add an additional night to Oland.

While this is not really on the way, I really like the island of Gotland. There is a ferry from Oskarshamn which is not too far from Kalmar.

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Thanks for the replies and ideas. I am wondering, if we stayed in Kalmar, could we drive over to Oland and drive around the whole island in one day? Or should we decide to go either south or north when we cross over to Oland, and then explore half the island? And which half, north or south?


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We spent just over a week in Sweden last summer and will be returning this summer for a wedding. We spent a couple of days in the province of Småland where my grandmother's farm is located. We visited Vaxjo; the museum is interesting, but not worth more than a few hours. A more delightful town is Eksjö, which has been celebrated for its preserved wooden buildings. Near Vimmberby we took a moose safari at the Virum Moose Park. (I know it sounds stupid, but it definitely was a highlight for me.) Vimmerby also has several sites related to Astrid Lindgren. Looking at the map, I see that Odeshog is located near Gränna, a little town that we found delightful. We took the ferry over to the island of Visingsö where we took a horse-pulled wagon ride around the island--definitely worth a day. The Swedish countryside is fantastic. Relax and enjoy!!!

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Thanks for the great ideas and sharing your personal experience in South Sweden. We will definitely look into these places. The moose safari sounds intriguing. Were you in a vehicle or on an animal?

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For the moose safari we were in a wagon. To learn more about the moose park, look at this website: My cousin told me that this isn't really their natural habitat in that you won't find them in open fields. The last time I was in Sweden we drove around on gravel roads through the woods for a long time looking for moose and eventually found some. However, this is easier, and I did have a great time.