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Itinerary Help

I am planning a trip this summer to Copenhagen and Stockholm but am contemplating adding in Oslo in the middle. I will be gone for 9 days and was originally planning on splitting those up between Copenhagen and Stockholm, but now I am interested to see if I could add 3 days in Oslo. I will be flying into Copenhagen and out of Stockholm. A possible itinerary will look like this:

May 23rd - Fly into Copenhagen
May 26th - Copenhagen --> Oslo (by plane)
May 29th - Oslo --> Stockholm (by train)
June 1st - Fly out of Stockholm back to Chicago

Is this too ambitious? Should I just stick to Copenhagen and Stockholm and do a few day trips?

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I don't think it's too ambitious, but the question to consider is whether 2 days in Copenhagen (after you recover from jetlag) and 2 days in Stockholm are enough. That wouldn't be adequate for me based on my visits to those cities. I'd recommend sticking with your original plan. Three to four days in Copenhagen and four-five in Stockholm are reasonable visits.

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Several easy day-trip options from Copenhagen and Stockholm would give you more sightseeing variety but on a flexible schedule (check the weather, check your mood, check what's left on your to-do list), versus locking in the plan to change cities.

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Thank you for the advice!! I think I will stay in Copenhagen and Stockholm and do one day trip from both cities.