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Island hopping in Gothenborg

HI, Me and my husband are planning to go on the coming long weekend to Gothenburg and stay in one of the southern archipelago islands for a relaxed trip. The trip will be from 14th April to 17th April. We stay in Helsingborg and would take a train to reach Gothenborg. Next we plan to stay if possible in on of the islands and plan to go for island hopping. I would like answers to few of my questions and doubts:

1) How big are these islands and how much time do I need in each of these. Any idea on time required espicially on Asperö, Brännö, Köpstadsö, Vargö, Donsö, Vrångö, Styrsö.?

2) As we might stay in Branno (we have found a nice small cottage on the seaside). And plan on seeing Branno on the day of arrival (thats 14th April). But confused about how much time do I need to devote to the rest islands. Like, can I combine donso, Vrango and some other island the next day for exploring on foot on 15th? What should we do on the rest of the days 16th and 17th. Any ideas are welcome. We don't hesitate visiting a new island every day. But will it be worth it or are they very small to take a whole day?

3) Any special recommendation on activities in any specific island at this time of the year? Which islands are a must to go.

4) I found some of the northern archipelago islands that also look nice. Any specific island recommended to visit? Can we club two or three islands of the northern archipelago on the same day?

5) As most of the southern archipelago islands have a handful of supermarkets and restaurants. And we will be travelling close to Easter holiday, is there a possibility that the markets will remain closed.

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