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I have 3 days should I go to Gothenburg or Tromso??

Hi, I will in Stockholm in March 2018, I have 3 spare days, I'm wondering if I should:
a) travel from Stockholm via train to Gothenburg and spend the time exploring that area. OR
b) I could fly from Stockholm to Tromso and spend time learning about the Sami people and doing a reindeer experience.
Unfortunately I don't have time to do both. Post these three days, I will be in Oslo.
Any advice would be great! Or other suggestions welcome.

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I was in both Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo this year. Loved all of them. You will get a similar cultural feel in Gothenburg that you get in Stockholm and Oslo - plenty of waterfront, old town, good museums/sights and opportunities to take a ferry in the archipelago. Tromso would be a different experience so I might advise you to take that option.