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Hotel in Gothenburg

Hi all:

My son's soccer team may be heading to Gothenburg this summer for a tournament and I'm sure some families will tag along (mine!). I am looking at hotels we may want to stay at... the boys will be somewhere else, who knows where, so I assume we would stay central to city center to get transport to wherever we need to go. There are some hotels rated well on trip advisor that are very close to train station... is that area ok? I know train station areas sometimes are seedier... is that the case here? It would be good for transport (I guess, not sure that's even the right transport out to suburbs where games may be...).

If not there, what would be a good area to stay? I can;t find a Sweden book at library and I'm anxious to start planning! Assuming we are going... still in the decision phase!

Thanks for any tips!!!

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Kim, I cannot speak from personal experience in Göteborg because the one time we went there the town was full up with a political convention, and we had to drive south until we finally found a room at Falkenberg. But I would not worry about "seedy" in Sweden. Or Norway or Denmark. All are very safe. In some areas there may be sex shops but that is not a safety issue, perhaps just a problem with the kids.