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Helsinki or Tallinn?

If you had limited time and had to choose between Helsinki or Tallinn, which would you choose? I'll be taking a boat from Stockholm and then flying to Oslo from one of those cities. Would it be too rushed to see both cities and only spend one night? I'll be travelling in July.


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Tallinn. Much older and more charming (in my opinion) than Helsinki. Tallinn is very touristy though.

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Been to both and since you asked for a choice, it would be Tallinn, hands down. Helsinki is great and while I did very much enjoy both cities, Tallinn gets my vote because of all the above referenced reasons but mostly because It just felt right and "good" to me. Don't have the proper words to adequately explain that statement, just an overall feeling of welcome and well being. We were there in October few years ago and it wasn't touristy at all.

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I visited both on a Baltic cruise. Tallinn is the one I want to go back to for a longer visit.

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I would definitely choose Tallinn. There is something about Tallinn and the Old Town especially, that makes ma sad I wasn't born in the medieval times. If I can I would spend more days in Tallinn, but we only had a day with the cruise.

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You cannot go wrong with either one, but I would choose Tallinn. If you prefer larger cities and interesting, modern architecture and design, you might enjoy Helsinki more. I think you need a full day in each city at the minimum.

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I've not been to Helsinki.
But Tallinn is a pearl. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

Hands down Tallinn! When in the old town it feels like stepping back in time. So beautiful and such a charm. Where did you end up going?