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Grona Lund Rides: Sandal/Bag Question

I'm in the initial stages of putting together my itinerary for a weeklong visit to Stockholm this summer. We're staying in Gamla Stan, and I want to plan a day with the Vasa Museum and Grona Lund together because they're in close proximity.


  • My Birkenstock sandals are my best walking shoes, so I'll wear them that day.
  • I'll have my DSLR camera in a small backpack (purse backpack) to take photos.

My questions are about Grona Lund:

  • Do the roller coasters have a section near the ride exit where I can place my purse and shoes during the ride?
  • Do I need to plan on visiting Grona Lund in the morning, assuming this is when the lines for rides will be shorter than afternoon/evening?

In the U.S., I'm familiar with the areas where you can leave your belongings during the ride. Also in the U.S., I have always followed the rule of going to an amusement park on Tuesday or Wednesday morning when it will be less crowded.

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The above Swedish language FAQ says that there is storage for bags at the ”huvudentren” (main entrance) by the ”Stora Scen” (the main stage). You can pay with a card and the fee is 30 SEK. The lockers are 28 x 54 x 78 cm

Sorry, I am not a fan of amusement parks so I have never actually been to Gröna Lund so I don’t know about the lines or if there is any specific storage by the roller coaster.