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Gothenburg to Halland County

Hi! I'm helping my mom and stepdad plan a trip to Sweden this fall to visit where her grandparents came from (Svartrå and Koinge - I believe both are in Halland County). She is going to fly into Gothenburg - spend some time there and then rent a car to travel to Halland County. Looking at a map, she can either take E6 south to Svartrå (closer to water) or Route 156. Any opinion which route is better (Google Maps says they're similar for time - about an hour and 20 minutes)? Or any stops along the way you recommend? The villages are very small and remote I understand so was hoping to map out a few other stop along the route! Thanks so much!

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Visiting Gothenburg is always a good idea, but they can also consider flying to Stockholm or Copenhagen. They have much larger airports so might have better/cheaper options.

But if the goal is to get to Halland, E6 is the best options as it takes them to Halland. Road 156 leads to Småland. Although my recommendation is to take the train to Falkenberg and rent the car there. Saves a bit of time and more important means that they don't have to deal with the traffic around Gothenburg.

I'm assuming you mean Köinge and the Ullared area.