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Gothenburg - help me identify something, please? :)

Hello, guys.

This is Nicole here, a 22 year old student, currently living in Stockholm with my friend.

I have just finished my education in business from Italy and have decided to back pack across this beautiful country with my friend. :) However, when it comes to traveling, I am not like the mainstream travelers. I don't go by the popular destinations, but by the random pictures of the place which I find on the internet. If it looks lovely, which it usually does, I try to find out where it is and take an exact same picture with my camera.

A few days back, as I was looking for a hostel in Gothenburg, when I came across this beautiful place. Can anyone please tell me where exactly that place is in the city? It looks absolutely marvelous. I can only imagine standing on that bridge and just, admiring the world around me. .

Also, the page says that the best way to travel in Gothenburg is to visit Padan and Liseberg. But I want to hear the opinion of the fellow travelers. Since I am completely new to the country, I would love if you could give me tips to make my journey better! :)

I thank you for your time. Have a good day, folks! :) Cheers.

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