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Good place to spend Midsommer?

Hi All, I'm an American who recently moved to Stockholm for work and haven't met many folks yet. I'm wondering if anyone has spent midsommer anyplace particularly interesting? I hear Dalarna is nice as well as the Stockholm archipelago. Any tips would be appreciated, Tack!

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My main tip is to learn the "Små Grodorna" song and dance before you go anywhere.

If you end up staying in Stockholm, Skansen has all sorts of special activities. The city itself virtually shuts down.

I was an expat in Stockholm for two midsommars. Unfortunately, I didn't get out of the city. The first year, I went to Skansen with an expat friend and the second year I decided not to go camping in the archipelago because it was 50 degrees and pouring rain the entire weekend.

Ask some of your work colleagues if they have recommendations. When I lived there, some of my friends headed to Grinda and Sandhamn.

Unfortunately, many people head out to their summer houses, so it can be a challenge when you don't know people well enough to get an invitation.

Hope you find something enjoyable.

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tack så mycket Laura. There's still time, so maybe some of my colleagues will invite me to join them. If not, then Skansen sounds like a good option. My mormor was Swedish, so I'm already familiar with små grodorna