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Glad midsommar!

Today is midsummers eve, the beginning of one of the biggest holidays in Sweden. Almost as important as Christmas.

For obvious reasons the celebrations will be limited this year, but for those interested there are a lot of older videos of celebrations available.

Happy midsummer everyone!

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Happy midsommar, Badger! We used to celebrate each year, but Covid last year and moving this year interfered. It means next year will be huge!

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Enjoy your celebrations.

Stupid question, probably, but Midsummer Day was yesterday, 24/6, so shouldn't Midsummer Eve be 23/6? That's when it is here, where it's called St John Eve.

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Nick, In Sweden Midsummer’s Eve is always celebrated on Friday and Midsummer Day is always celebrated on Saturday.

Glad Midsommar, Badger. I hpe you are enjoying some strawberries and doing the ”små grodorna” dance.

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You are correct Nick, we celebrate on the "wrong" day. I don't know why, but in the 1950's midsummer was moved in Sweden and Finland and is now celebrated on the weekend closest to the correct day.