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Gifts for Hosts

My family (kids 9 & 11) is heading to Sweden and we're staying the first few nights with distant relatives. We'd like to bring a small gift for the couple as well as something for their 11-year-old daughter. We've travelled in Europe pretty extensively, but have never stayed at anyone's house before. We'd really appreciate any ideas for what sort of gift(s) would be appropriate/appreciated. We're coming from Minnesota. Thank you!

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Treat them to a nice dinner out - they must have some favourite restaurants. And seal the deal with a bag of Minnesota Wild Rice.

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I agree. Treat them to dinner and maybe bring a box of chocolates.

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I'd love to treat them to dinner, but apparently they have all of the meals planned already!

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We put together a small album of photos to leave with my husband’s relatives in Italy. We included scans of photos of the early immigrants, all the way up to current generations. Each photo was labeled on the back with a small family tree. This was a huge hit. We brought some Colorado t-shirts too in random sizes.

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Maybe some Pearson's candy?--Nut Goodie or Salted Nut roll.

There's a book, "Weird Minnesota" which might be interesting to them.

I think I'd go browse the store at the Minnesota History Center.

I think the store at the Swedish Museum may be worth a try. Perhaps there is something Swedish with a Minnesota slant.

I saw Paul's Buffalo suggestion, and I thought perhaps a similar item, but a loon

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For the daughter, how about a university of Minnesota T shirt (or any other school).

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Are they cooks? a tea-towel, apron, with something about Minnesota on it. A 2023 calendar of Minnesota or the USA. A book of USA road trips, (I just picked up a nice book at our local Cracker Barrel). - Coasters with USA or Minnesota on them. Coffee mugs (but would have to be carefully wrapped). I have family in the UK and I try to take over a little gift for letting me stay.

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We live in Sioux Falls. Close to us, we have the Dakota Stoneware Pottery. They produce small bison figures, $3/each. We always take 30 or so on our trip, and give them to people. It's a South Dakota souvenir. There are probably things like that from MN. Something with the name "Minnesota" or a city name.

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I stayed with family in the UK once, and didnt know what to bring, so just small gifts. Then when I was there I looked around and saw what they were interested in, and sent them a gift of something they were collecting, when I got home. When I visited other relatives in Australia, we brought them some gifts that I thought would be uniquely for them _ Jack Daniels and Peanut butter - and found those things just as common and available as they are here. So I don't like to guess anymore.

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If you plan to bring chocolate, make sure it is chocolate without any butyric acid.

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Flowers or a bottle of wine are always nice. They can be purchased locally.

Taking them to dinner at a restaurant of their choice is a good option too.

It's a nice thought to bring something that's indicative of home. Something along the line of the bison.