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From Stockholm to Copenhagen via Train

I'd like help with the following, please.
1. Please provide the official website from which to get tickets for the high speed train from Stockholm's "Main" train station to Copenhagen's "Main" Train Station.
2. Do all high speed trains stop at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) before arriving at Copenhagen's Main Train Station?
3. If so, can passengers disembark there or is the stop only for picking up at the airport?
Thank you.

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  2. AFAIK, yes.
  3. The stop at the airport is alighting only for southbound high speed trains. And only for picking up passengers for northbound ones.
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I wouldn't talk about "southbound" and "northbound" trains in the context of the CPH station...

Basically for the high speed trains you can get off at CPH coming from Sweden, and get on going to Sweden. So if it is actually the airport you go to you should book Stockholm - CPH, not Stokholm - Koebenhavn H.