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First time to Sweden

We will be visiting our daughter in Copenhagen in mid-May; we will have approximately 14 days for touring. I have decided to remove Norway from our list, so that we do not feel as rushed.

The first half of our trip will be spent in Sweden, flying into Stockholm. I am open to suggestions for day trips out of Stockholm, and a route including overnights and utilizing trains, on the way to Copenhagen. Ideally we will be leaving Stockholm just before the "Swifties" take over ;)

We will be walking and using public transportation, no biking. We enjoy the city's history; yet also some not well known by tourists great places to see. My husband also enjoys seeing some of the smaller cities / towns as well.

Food suggestions are welcomed as well! For all times of day, and anything from outdoor market to nice sit down dinners.

Thank you!

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So the plan is one week in Stockholm plus day trips and one week between Stockholm and Copenhagen?

First and foremost, don't fly from Copenhagen to Stockholm. It's a waste of money. But it would also be helpful with a bit more information about what you're looking for.

Uppsala is almost a must to visit in my opinion. As a food suggestion there are some great cafés in Uppsala if you want to experience the fika culture. For more nature, a trip to the archipelago can be fun. For places between Stockholm and Copenhagen I'd recommend Visby for at least three nights, and then maybe a stop in Kalmar and one in Karlskrona on the way south. Another food suggestion for Gotland is to try the local speciality saffranspannkaka.

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To clarify, the plan is approximately one week in Stockholm and one week in Copenhagen. I know that it is about a 5.5 hour train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Which I am willing to break up by staying a night or two somewhere in-between; IF there is a must see / visit place. While in Copenhagen, I plan on looking into day trips throughout Denmark, hoping to stay put in a single hotel / AirBnB.

Some absolute knowns are that I am avoiding Stockholm the weekend of May 17, due to the Taylor Swift concert. So I have between May 11 and May 16 (at the latest) in Stockholm. I am visiting my daughter in Copenhagen starting approximately May 20 and leave May 26. The gaps in dates (May 16 through May 20) are due to my daughter being at the Taylor Swift concert; so this is why I am open to either stopping in-between Stockholm and Copenhagen, or just going straight through and focus on day trips throughout Denmark from Copenhagen.

Would it be worth leaving Stockholm and crossing towards the southwest coast, and taking a ferry to Denmark? Are there any must see places in that part of Sweden?

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So this trip starts in Stockholm? I see. Then I'd still suggest Visby for a few days. It's a charming town and May is still low season so it should not be hard to find a place to stay at a reasonable price. And then a night in Kalmar to break up the journey to Copenhagen.