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Ferry from Gotland to Stockholm

We will traveling from Visby to Stockholm by ferry this summer and will need transportation from the ferry terminal at Nynashamn to Stockholm. There is a bus that takes about an hour, and I can book it through the ferry company website. The problem is we will have to wait about 1.5 hours before the bus comes, and then with an hour ride, that turns a 3 hour ferry ride into almost 6 hours of travel. I believe there is a train or metro station near the ferry terminal, but have not been able to figure out the times the train runs or if I need to purchase a ticket ahead of time. We will be making this trip on a Sunday afternoon/evening, just in case that is a factor. Has anyone taken a train or metro from Nynashamn to Stockholm or know if it is possible? Thank you in advance

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Are you really sure about that? The transfer buses are coordinated with the ferry schedule and usually depart shortly after the ferry arrives, at least it did the last time I used them. Then I just walked off the ferry, picked up my luggage, walked out of the terminal the bus was there waiting for us.

But I've also taken the train to/from Nynäshamn. You are correct that there is a railway station about 500 m from the ferry terminal where the commuter trains to Stockholm depart. No need to buy the ticket in advance, it's just regular SL tickets. If I'm not mistaken (which I might be) the trains leave every 30 minutes, but a Sunday evening in the summer the schedule might be reduced. You can look up the train times at

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Thank you Badger. I am still not able to see the train schedule, not sure why, perhaps when I am in Sweden I will be able to see it. Will check the bus times again, but had it been departing within an hour or less after arrival of the ferry I would have booked it. Makes me feel better to know the train station is in fact near the ferry terminal and that I do not need to book a train ahead of time. Appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge.

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I am still not able to see the train schedule, not sure why,

Are you checking the SL website. The train from Nynäshamn is a commuter train (pendeltåg) so the times are posted on SL (not SJ):

Just enter

fran (from): Nynäshamn

till (to): Stockholm City

Avgångstid (departure time) or Ankomsttid (arrival time)

There is also a timetable in Swedish: