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Eating options on Helsinki/Tallinn ferries

I'm booking ferry trips for Helsinki, Tallinn and back to Stockholm.

If we don't choose a breakfast or dinner buffet, can we still get food on the ship? We're thinking of skipping the buffet, but we want to make sure there are other eating options available. I'm guessing we can, but it's just a guess.

For the first ferry, we lean toward getting a sandwich and drink, then finding a place with a view on deck to watch the archipelago go by. We may want to order a buffet on the other legs.

We're generally not heavy eaters in the morning, so a buffet seems like overkill. A breakfast sandwich and drink, as an alternative, makes sense to us.



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Others might have more recent info, but when we took the ferry in 2019 from Tallinn to Helsinki as part of the RS tour, there was a cafeteria-style food line where we could choose and pay a la carte.

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I’m not a fan of the buffet. There are other dining options and some of the restaurants are very good. The last time I took the ferry (Viking Line in 2014), we had an excellent late meal in one of the restaurants. Same with breakfast. You can eat in a restaurant where you order off the menu or just pick up a coffee. If you look on the ferry sites, they will describe the various options.

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The Tallinn to Helsinki ferry is not really relevant as that is a rather short route. But as mentioned, there are several restaurant and cafés onboard so there is no risk of starving.