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Drottningholm Palace or Archipelago tour?

I'm traveling to Stockholm in about a month. I will be there for 3 days. I have my must-see spots planned out, but due to my limited time in Stockholm, I've decided I need to choose between taking the boat to Drottningholm Palace and doing the tour there, or taking the half-day archipelago tour offered by Stromma.

I could probably do both tours, but I don't want to sacrifice too much of my time on land in the city! I would do the archipelago tour as a dinner cruise, but it is not available on the dates that we are there.

Which should I pick? I'm so torn. I love the idea of relaxing and enjoying the scenery on the archipelago tour, but I'm also excited about going to the palace to see the grounds and beautiful rooms.

If you've done both, which would you recommend?

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We went to both of these places about 8 years ago on our first visit to Sweden. We did the archipelago tour first - the day was sunny and gorgeous, and it was delightful. We loved it. The next day we took the steam boat to Drottningholm. Again, the day was sunny and beautiful. It was totally enjoyable seeing all the sunbathers along the Baltic on the way there. We loved the scenery and the ride there. But, we found the palace to be a bit disappointing. We had visited the palace in Denmark that we thought was much more impressive. The grounds at Drottningholm were beautiful, and it was a nice day but a bit of a disappointment overall.

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Have you been to any of the really grand palaces like Versailles? Drottningholm is nice, but it pales in comparison, so if you've been to any of the grand palaces, you might be a bit disappointed. In October, the garden won't be much to look at. Also, in October, it has really limited opening hours, so make sure it is open on the day of your visit. I'm also not sure if the outbuildings like the theatre and Chinese Pavilion are open. I like Drottningholm and I've been there 4 or 5 times, but I think it is best in summer when the weather is perfect and you can stroll around the gardens and enjoy the boat ride on Lake Mälaren.

For the archipelago, it very much depends on the weather. It is lovely on a clear day.

I hope the Vasa Museum and Stadshuset are on your list of must-sees.