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Dropping off car rental outside Stockholm, Where?

We will be renting a car in Lund on a Friday afternoon, and returning it about 12 days later near Stockholm or in Stockholm. We will be in the Odeshog/Vadstana area before Stockholm, and don't want to drive the car in Stockholm, so we are wondering what would be a city with a drop off, and also have a fairly easy bus or train ride into Stockholm. It is a Hertz rental car. The location we have to return it to now in Stockholm is
but we have never driven in Stockholm before. We also do not use a smart phone. Would it make sense to drop the car off in a smaller town, and which town would have easy driving and an easy to get to Hertz drop off?


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While I must admit that I have never driven in Stockholm, I don't think it will be particularly problematic to drive from Vadstena to the Hertz drop off at Stockholm Central. it's pretty much main roads all the way, trough the Södermalm tunnel and across the bridge bypassing Gamla Stan to get there. No narrow lanes or any of that sort.

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The Hertz website indicates they have 27 locations in/near Stockholm. Looks like there are several in the SW quadrant that could be used if Hertz permits a change in the drop off location without a punitive fee.

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Stockholm appeared to have light traffic and easy driving. Normally you can’t change the drop off location and keep a lower rate reserved long ago.