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driving to Sweden from the UK

We want to drive to Sweden to see may daughter for the 9th of September (grand daughter's birthday). As far as we can ascertain, people coming from the UK are not allowed until the 31st October. However, as we have Swiss and Irish passports and we will be coming through Denmark does anyone know if we can travel?
Thank you

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Your passports are irrelevant. It’s where you have been for the 10days prior to travel. The rules that Sweden and other countries have put in place are (generally) to try to protect their citizens from Covid19 not as a killjoy to prevent you attending a birthday party or anyone else travelling for non essential purposes. In order for you to attend you would have to enter the country illegally.

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The Swedish entry rules are in my opinion unnecessarily complicated, but in short I think that should be possible if you are driving via Denmark. Unless the rules change.

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Won't you have to go through other countries to get to Denmark? You'll also have to meet their entry requirements.