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Driving the E16 from Oslo to Rattvik, Sweden; Car rental

We're thinking of driving from the Oslo airport to Rattvik, Sweden in the second half of June, via route E16.

Does anyone know that route and what it would be like?

Any problems making a car rental, making the drive, or other?

This would be a one-way rental, with drop-off at or near Rattvik.

Is there a better way to get to Rattvik?

Would like to hear your experiences and suggestions about getting there and about renting a car.


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International drop-offs like this usually involve a very high surcharge (the equivalent of many hundreds of dollars) even in less expensive parts of Europe. Have you priced such a rental? I'd check with consolidators like AutoEurope, Kemwel and Gemut.

There is rail service available (apparently taking over 9 hours), or you could fly from Oslo to Stockholm and take the train from there.

Swedish railways

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Despite the road having an E-number, it is narrow and winding for most parts. Partly very narrow. Don't expect a large motorway.

Also, I'm not sure you can return a car in Rättvik, you might need to return it in Mora and take the train to Rättvik. And returning a Norwegian rental car in Sweden will not be cheap.

Is there a better way to get to Rättvik?

Yes, don't fly to Oslo.

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Including Oslo is certainly possible, but it all depends on what the itinerary looks like.