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Driving Route - Trondheim to Stockholm

My wife and I are planning a Scandanavia/Russia trip this fall. She spent a summer in Trondheim back when she was a teenager, so we plan on heading there after Bergen/Oslo. Our next stop after Trondheim is Stockholm. Given it's a long drive (about 10-11 hrs), we'll separate into two days. Google maps has 4 almost identical time routes:

The first two routes head toward Lake Storsjön with one going north of the lake and east toward the Gulf of Bothnia coast and second south of the lake more diagonally to the coast.

The third and fourth route is almost a straight diagonal, but it looks like more "low lands" than scenic? One stays in Norway for a while before crossing and other goes mainly through Sweden.

I'm wondering which is the most scenic and has some good 1-2 hour stops along the 1.5 day drive. And, given the possible route(s), where is a good city/town to spend the night about halfway.

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The route along E14 towards Åre is extremely scenic. The road runs through a deep valley, with several little hamlets that look like they came out of a Disney movie. The road then gradually ascends into the Scandinavian mountains towards the border with Sweden. The scenery is not Alpine-level breath-taking, but still very nice. Further east towards Östersund, though, things start to get a little more plain.

If anything is open in the fall, Åre might be a good stop-over. As a ski resort, though, depending on exactly when you plan to visit, you might hit it during the shoulder season when most businesses temporarily close. I stayed at the Tott hotel here, which was really nice, in an almost stereotypically Swedish modern kind of way.

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For finding a stopover along the way the routes via Storsjön might be better as they go through (relatively) densely populated areas. And Östersund is not a bad place to stop. There are also several good stops along the way, including a couple of waterfalls that attract some visitors. If you choose a more southern route, somewhere in Dalarna, maybe Mora, would be my suggestion for a place to spend the night.