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Dress Code Stockholm Restaurants


Wondering if anyone can help with the formality of dress in some of the somewhat upper end restaurants in Stockholm? For example we will be going to Rolf Kok, Oaxen Slip and Verandan if that might help but any thoughts for restaurants generally would be great. Wondering if a suit jacket is common for example. Thanks

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What did you wear in France last year. ?

How well did you fit in?

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I don’t think any of them will require a suit jacket, but you can always email the restaurants and ask.

I feel pretty confident that you wouldn’t need a jacket at Rolf’s Kök or Oaxen Slip. A jacket might be more common at Verandan as I’d expect it gets more business people, but I doubt one is required.

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Wow, how did you know I went to France last year? I did ask the same question then so I'm guessing that's how you know?! Loved your France guidebook last year and will be using RS Scandinavia book driving this year.
I was fine in France and although I brought a suit jacket I really didn't need it, even at a one-star Michelin place. I am guessing it would be pretty much the same in Scandinavia but thought I'd ask.


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Thanks for the reply about the specific restaurants in Sweden. You know your stuff and it's very helpful. Thanks again.