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Day trip to Gothenburg?

Thinking of making a day trip to Gothenburg. I was looking at the sights and nothing really speaks to me, I'm into pre-1500s history and military history of any age. Also like culinary tourism/markets/unique restaurants. To me Gothenburg seems like a rehash of Malmo, which I have already visited.

Am I missing something? I'm not terribly interested in the VOLVO Museum too. Thanks all for any guidance!

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It's a great place to visit for many reasons.

For military history:

  • Maritiman A maritime museum in the river with a bunch of both military and civilian ships.
  • Aeroseum Aviation museum at a former air force base just outside Gothenburg, focus on military aviation.
  • Älvsborgs fästning https://www.älvsborgsfä A fortress on an island in the mouth of the river.
  • Bohus fästning Fortress in Kungälv just north of Gothenburg. Originally from the early 14th century but rebuilt a lot during the centuries.
  • Skansen kronan A small redoubt built on a hill outside the city to protect it from the Danes. Now more or less located in central Gothenburg.
  • The moat The southern part of the city's old moat is still there.

Pre-1500s urban history is harder to find as the city was founded in the early 1600s.

But it is a great place for culinary tourism/markets/unique restaurants. There are many good restaurants, especially if you like seafood. From good small neighbourhood restaurants to six restaurants with a Michelin star each. Unfortunately the Fish market is closed for renovation but there is a good food hall that you should not miss.

You can certainly spend a day there without feeling bored!

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six restaurants with a Michelin star
Wow, that's a lot of stars!

I have a nostalgic interest in Gothenburg because it was the 2nd place I went (after Germany) on my first ever trip to Europe. My company had offices there that I was visiting.

That was a long time ago and I didn't have much time for sightseeing.

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Thanks Badger, lots to see actually! Is the food halll you mentioned at the fish market that's closed? Also is there a specific Michelin star restaurant that looks good for seafood? Thanks 🙏

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Is the food halll you mentioned at the fish market that's closed?

No, the food hall is a separate building that is open as usual. It contains a nice mix of restaurants and all kind of speciality food shops, like game, cheese or tea. As well as a shop that sells Italian and Spanish food. Interior:

Also is there a specific Michelin star restaurant that looks good for

I've not been to any of them, so I can recommend any. I think most of them, if not all, specialize in New Nordic food. But they are:

Signum is a bit outside the city, but the other five are in central Gothenburg. Other good options for seafood are Sjömagasinet, and Fiskekrogen,

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Thanks again for all this info, will check it out and see if it fits with the itinerary I'm trying to put together :)

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Good luck! I hope you report back about how trip went if it becomes reality.

And if you are interested in military history of any age, you should try to fit a trip to Karlskrona and visit the Naval museum, As well as a trip to Linköping for the Air Force museum,

And you should do a day trip to Karlsborg and visit the fortress there. The fortress is still a military area and is used by the army, but parts of it are open to visitors and there is a small museum.

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"pre-1500s history and military history of any age"

Did anybody recommend Varbergs Fästning from 13th century? This town - appr. 70 km south of Gothenburg - played also a role during Hanseatic times.

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I didn't, because the thread was mostly about Gothenburg. But yes. Varbergs fästning is a great place to visit if you're interested in military history.