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County / Town Fairs, Festivals, for a Folksy trip through the Swedish country drive

Hello my dear world travelers.

My mother and I are heading to Sweden in June. We're heading back to our ancestors' homeland. We will arrive in Stockholm on June 14. We have a week to drive down to Växjö and then up to Oslo.

I'm hoping that there are some local activities taking place during our time there. For instance, county fairs or summer festivals. Anything would be good. To give an example of what I'm looking for, I'll reference similar activities near my home: we have the Minnesota State Fair and the Washington County Fair as well as Rhubarb Days in Osceola, Wisconsin. These fairs are where the "locals" have cooking contests and show off their livestock and crafts. I have tried to search online for similar fairs in Kronoberg. But, it hasn't yielded any results. I expect most of the information is probably in Swedish.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy travels,

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Well, you will be in Sweden during the biggest celebration of the year, Midsommar (June 19 - 20). The main celebrations take place on Midsommar's Eve (Friday, June 19). Virtually every business will be shut down as people head to the country to celebrate. If you are in Stockholm, Skansen is open over Midsommar and has special activities and a number of communities also have festivities. Dalarna is known for having big celebrations if you want to take a detour north.

I have never heard of or seen a "county fair" type thing in Sweden.

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I'll second Laura. Midsummer is THE festival in Sweden. Wherever you are on the 19th search for where celebrations are held (usually in the main parks of the larger towns). There will be music, dancing, food vendors, ppl in traditional dress, etc.