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construction at Stockholm Central station

We are flying into Stockholm Arlanda and then taking a train south to Linkoping. Normally we would change trains at Stockholm Central station. We know that Stockholm central station is under construction and the Arlanda express from the airport to Stockholm central station will now go to other Stockholm train stations. Has anyone flown into Stockholm in the past few months and experienced the train station construction? Is everything well marked so we know what station to go to from the Airport to make the transfer to a train to Linkoping? This is our first trip to Sweden so we don't know the train system at all.

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Someone local can correct me, but it’s not the station that’s under construction, it’s the tracks between Central and South (Södra) stations that are under construction.

Here’s what I would do.

  1. DO NOT take the Arlanda Express!

  2. Buy a single rail ticket from Arlanda to your destination. Take an SL commuter train from Arlanda right to South Station (pay track access fee @ airport). These new tracks are open and go under Central Station and bypass the construction. Going this way means only 2 trains. Taking the Arlanda Express means 3 trains and a long walk transfer at Central.

Arlanda express from the airport to Stockholm central station will now go to other Stockholm train stations.

I doubt it, the AE tracks are privately owned and only go to Central Station— well, to the side of Central Station.

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I hope I'm local enough. It is correct that there is no construction at the central station, the railway bridges south of the central station are being renovated. So all southbound trains leaves from the southern station, just south of the bridges in question. It happens that Arlanda Express stops elsewhere, but not at the moment.

And I agree that a commuter train from Arlanda direct to the Southern station is probably the best idea. You can buy the whole trip from Arlanda to Linköping at and then the only difference is that you'll change at a different station. (Leave the train when the sign says "Stockholm Södra").

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We flew into Stockholm on 6 June and took the bus from the airport to the main train station, then a taxi to our hotel. I don't remember seeing any construction there.
Two days later we took the train to Copenhagen.

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For some reason the cheaper tickets say to change at Södertälje hamn or Flemingsberg, so I guess they don't all stop at Södra. One Example:

11:11 Arlanda C – Södertälje hamn
SL Local traffic, Train 2231
Travel time 1:17 h
Only 2 class
Arrival 12:28
Södertälje hamn, Change 1.

12:50 Södertälje hamn – Linköping C
Snälltåget Other, Train 3931
Travel time 1:51 h

Also, it looks like the tickets include the fee to access the Arlanda platforms.

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Yes, some trains use other stations as well. Just book a ticket from Arlanda C to Linköping at and the system will tell you the best way to reach Linköping.

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Thank you for making this very straightforward! We have used the trains in Germany extensively but Sweden is our new adventure. We have the SJ app all installed and are ready to book a ticket. Thank you very much.