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Clearing customs at Stockholm airport

DH and I are flying from LAX to Amsterdam via Stockholm in the middle of August. With having a 5 hour layover, we were contemplating leaving the airport and going into town to the Vassa Museum. Question is, when we land in Stockholm, will we be clearing customs and again in Amsterdam or just in Stockholm? Plus, if having to clear in Stockholm, how long does it usually take? When we cleared in Berlin several years ago, it was a 5 minute ordeal but LAX was a painful 2 hour ordeal. Just trying to plan our day.

Any insight would be appreciated.



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Assuming you have a through booking (one ticket), and not two separate tickets, your luggage will be checked through to Amsterdam. You will not see your luggage at Stockholm and it will therefore only go through customs at Amsterdam. But for customs you just walk through the green "nothing to declare" channel which takes no time, they only do spot checks.

I think what you mean is clearing immigration (aka passport checks, aka border control), not customs. As both Sweden and the Netherlands are in the Schengen Area, you will go through immigration and have your passports checked at Stockholm, but not at Amsterdam.
This could take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how many other aircraft land at the same time.

Don't forget when you get back to Stockholm airport you need to allow time to get through security checks.