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Have I missed recent updates from Carlos and his adventures in Sweden?

They made for such fascinating reading.


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Hey Emily apologies just saw this, glad my updates were so interesting!

Well in the new year the program that I was doing in Sweden really slowed down in terms of workload, we only just have a big project/presentation due later in spring. I was also sick with COVID which took almost a month for me to fully recover from mid January into February, that derailed my plans to visit the Swedish Lapland with some workmates. To be honest also life in Sweden seems to have slowed down as well in the months after Christmas. I did do some local tourism in my region but a lot of the things are closed down between January and April, so honestly not a lot of interesting things to post these days. I've since been splitting my time between Sweden and Spain, trying to follow up on some potential job opportunities after this work study program wraps up in the summer. So hopefully when spring comes by I will post some more on my adventures in Sweden!

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that will be good. Glad to see you are still humming, Carlos, if very slowly.

Sounds like the adventure in Sweden really has you hoping to get home soon.

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Sorry to hear that you caught covid, but I hope you are feeling better. Speaking about Swedish culture, did you get a chance to try a semla?

And if you are interested in sports, Vasaloppet is held today. The 90 km ski race is probably the biggest sporting event in Sweden.

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Thanks for posting, Emily. I’m always happy to see a Carlos update. Hope the coming spring and summer is an upswing for you, Carlos.