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Camper van road trip Sweden and Norway

After considering the advice of people here and on other forums, I decided that the better option is to rent a camper van in Gothenburg and drive a triangle Gothenburg - Bergen - Stockholm.
I have 2 weeks to do this. It is a bit more driving than initially wished, but leaving the van in a different point than where I take it, is pretty expensive. After all, it's called road trip! :)
I am studying the activities we could do during the trip and there are quite many.
Allocating the time correctly is a difficult decision to make. We want to enjoy the nature and there is so much along this route! Where would you suggest to spend more time, Norway or Sweden?

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It's a very tricky question to answer, it sort of depends on what you're looking for. There is a lot of nature to see, anything particular you're looking for?

A rough suggestion could be to drive up along the Swedish west coast to Strömstad, take the ferry to Sandefjord. Continue towards Haugesund and up along the coast to Bergen. Then continue a bit up along the coast and head inland north of Sognefjorden, towards Elverum and into Sweden. Then continue through Dalarna towards Stockholm.

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Thanks for the information.
We want to do hiking, canoeing, a boat trip....
Norway seems to be offering more of that.
We are considering also a visit to Tromso, North Norway (by plane of course).

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We want to do hiking, canoeing, a boat trip.... Norway seems to be
offering more of that.

I'm not sure that Norway offers more. And anyway, it really doesn't matter. Both countries offer more hiking, canoeing and boat trips than you can do in a year, let alone 2 weeks.

It really depends on what kind of landscape you prefer to visit. For canoeing, some of the many lakes and rivers in Sweden can be a good option. Maybe not as scenic as the Norwegian fjord, but canoeing on the fjords is not recommended unless you are experienced, or have an experienced guide. For hiking, well there are paths all over both Sweden and Norway so there is no shortage of hiking options.