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BRA airlines from Stockholm to Kalmar?

I am attempting to book a flight from Stockholm to Kalmar, Sweden on BRA Airlines (Braathens Regional Airways, previously known as Golden Air and Braathens Regional) and am having trouble booking online. It is requiring a mobile number in order to book travel, yet only lets you choose from a very small list of country codes, none of which are USA. Does anyone have experience with this airline? Do you have an alternate suggestion?

thank you.


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I'll admit I was skeptical, so I tried to do a dummy booking myself. Sure enough, you must enter a mobile number, and sure enough you can't enter a US one. Weird!

I see they have an e-mail address at the bottom of their main page, and when was doing the dummy booking, I saw a chat window on the right (in blue, labeled "Har du en fraga?"). Maybe try asking via one of these?

I also saw that they work with Finnair for mileage programs. Maybe you could book this on the Finnair website (I didn't have time to try it myself).

By the way, this is the only airline website I've seen that hides the English option (it's all the way at the bottom, not at the top like every other airline website). Between this and the list of countries for the phone number entry, I see they REALLY have a local focus!

Good luck!

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Try this:

Select Sweden from the country drop down.

The website will populate the mobile field with "+46"

Now backspace over the 46 and type in 1 so that you see "+1" and then type the rest of your phone number.

It is klugey, but it seemed to work on the Ipad.

p.s. Note it looks like they fly out of Brömma rather than Arlanda.