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Boda Borg Oxelosund and Car Rentals

I am planning on being in Stockholm for a week in July this summer with my wife and three children ages 15, 13 and 11. My friends who visited Stockholm went to a place called Boda Borg in Oxelosund which is known as a quest center for children and adults. My impression is that it is a building where you have to accomplish tasks as a group to move from room to room? Kind of like an escape room but larger and maybe easier. To get to Oxelsund one has to rent a car so I looked into this and the nearest car rental to where we are staying in Stockholm near the Sandsborg T station is a car dealership that is closed on weekends. I can get a pretty good rate on a car rental for three days starting on Friday morning and returning Monday morning such that we would have a car for 3 full days. We would use it to go to Oxelosund one day and I was thinking about going to Uppsula and Sigtuna on one of the other days and Drottningholm Palace.

Here are my questions:
1) Is it worth going to Boda Borg for a day.
2) What suggestions for other day trips would you have. Would you go to Drottningholm Palace and Uppsula and Sigtuna or would you recommend other day trips.
3) I am staying in a residential neighbourhood near Sandsborg T station. I won't be able to park on the property where I am staying so I guess I will have to park on the street. We will have the car during the day but be parking it in the evening and early afternoon over the weekend. How convenient will it be to park the car in this part of town and what will be the cost?

If it will be too much of a hassle having the car or too much of an expense to park it then maybe I will have to forgo the rental and forget about the day trips.

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