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Best site to host a travel blog

I am hoping to get input from people about the best site to have a travel blog on so that my friends and family can follow my travels this summer in Scandinavia. I am somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to technology and blogging so I thought that I would garner advice from fellow travelers. For previous trips I have used the site which was known as Travelpod. It allowed me to write about my trip, post photos and videos and also had a map to show everyone where we were on the trip. I could also send people notifications when I posted a new blog. I guess the site was bought by Tripadvisor and closed down. When I search the net for advice about best sites for travel blogs much of the information that I find concerns setting up a travel blog to fund my retirement which is not exactly what I am interested in doing although when cannot help but daydream about being an international jet-setting travel blogger. One option would be Facebook but I had a Facebook account and shut it down a few years ago. Any suggestions?

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I have used WordPress for years. Some of the templates are pretty easy to set up and their help function is very good.

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I have used Weebly. Its a drag and drop style and user-friendly. The basic site is free, but if they host your videos there can be a cost.
Check out the Scrapbook section of the RS website. Some great examples there. Others use Wix
Good luck!

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I also use Wordpress and find it pretty easy to navigate. It does require a strong WiFI signal to upload pictures and so sometimes I find myself parked outside the hotel's lobby to use the stronger Office Wifi that they tend to have there.

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I'm a WordPress blogger, but I don't recommend that for you. It sounds like you just want to post your photos and share your experiences with friends and family. As a former Travelpod user and a Luddite, I think WordPress might overwhelm you, but at least would require more set-up than you need to worry about doing.

Here are some places where it's easy to accomplish the simple travel sharing you are interested in:

Each of these is a little different in its focus, so take a look and see which appeals most to you.