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Bad Experience With Host In Stockholm, Just This One!


I've been to Stockholm twice. I have met lot of Swedish people and they are nice. But at this time I would like to share to you my experience. I am frequent airbnb user and used that web to book my accomodation during my last vacation trip to Europe. I tried to book different place with different owner at two times my visits to Stockholm.

The first one, I highly recommend, in Ropsten area. The host was friendly and communicative. He was also helpful and sent me a clear direction as he knew that I did not buy any Swedish mobile phone number, I was just a tourist that had first experience in Sweden!

The second one was a nightmare (Listing 2337965), address Kammakargatan 33. This flat is run by a couple, husband and wife. At very first time I asked them that had I to call them because I did not plan to buy mobile phone number during my stay, they answered that I could go directly to their flat because they were at home, I did not have to call. Then after getting my luggage at Arlanda, I went to their flat by using Flygbussarna bus + Metro/Subway. I thought they would have been waiting for me so if I press their doorbell, someone would come up to open the door.

For my surprise, the doorbell outside of the main gate did not work! I kept knocking on the main door but no one arrived. With that desperation, I went to nearby barbershop and borrowed citizen's mobile phone to call the host. Then they gave me a unlocking code to be entered on the door's lock (on the phone of course). I thought it was their responsibility to explain or give the code to their guest and I think it was not my fault because I have told them repeatedly that I did not have mobile phone number to call the host. Finally I could enter after staying outside of building for 30 minutes and they did not apologize at all. Because I was on holiday, I did not want something like this to ruin my mood.

After they showed me the room, husband delivered me a house rules and I noticed something strange on the rules. It is written, "Please don't use our towels, use yours (provided)." In my logic, no one in common sense would like to use others' towels. It is like you ask people not to wear your underwear, really. And I smelled something bit strange in the room but for me that was fine as I only stayed for 1 night. Furthermore, I was reminded repeatedly not to have p*ss on the toilet with bathroom, but to other super small toilet. Bathroom is shared and only for taking bath.

The nightmare story not ended there, in the night I could not sleep at all because there were young people one level above their flat had party until dawn, but I told the host in the morning directly.

After returning from holiday, 4 days after I checked out from their flat and I have written good review to them (because I never want to ruin people business by giving them a bad review), they accuse me to "use perfume with strong smell." I rarely use perfume even the soft one in any occasions and the smell may have been there when I checked in. They wrote that on my review page and hope all future hosts will notice me for the smell because they have to buy a new bed to replace the bed I slept on. That was very annoying, I've been accused for something I did not do.

I have asked the help from airbnb and they so far have not provided me a better approach to solve this matter. There's nothing I can do except just to let readers know that if you use airbnb and go to Stockholm, just try to avoid this annoying host.
Lesson learnt: what seems beautiful in picture, not really it is at reality. Don't judge the book by its cover, really.

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