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Are advance tickets necessary for attractions?

We are a family of four (kids ages 13 and 15) traveling to Stockholm in early August. Are there any major attractions that must be pre-booked or any that have timed-entry/should be pre-booked to avoid lines? If yes, how far in advance? We were in England in April 2023 and needed advance tickets for things in London and missed out on things in Oxford because I didn't realize we needed to pre-book months in advance there as well. Thank you all in advance. Travel with timed entry and pre-booking has definitely made things more complicated in recent years!

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In general, no. Maybe Skansen. Maybe the ABBA museum, but even if a time
is sold out, you can probably still go on the day you want to go at a different time.

But the risk is all on you. Obvious tradeoff is flexibility to decide later vs potential
savings and/or the attraction selling out. Kind of depends on how flexible you are.

Given you are going in the middle of the summer, I will defer to others who may
have been there during high season.

I suspect other people will say that timed entries has made things easier
in that you know when you are going in and need to be there...

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We did not have timed tickets for anything. If you are going to see the Vasa, be there the minute it opens. I know with kids that age it is difficult to get them up and running early. It gets really crowded quickly at the museum and there will be quite a line to the ticket booth. This was our favorite museum and I think the kids will enjoy it as well.

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1) The guided tour of the city hall is timed and they open up tickets a week in advance. I’d suggest booking that.

2) The Vasa Museum is always crowded but their website indicates that prebooking does not allow you to skip the queue, so it doesn’t sound like it matters.

3) Skansen does not have timed entries. I would recommend that you check their calendar to see what is on for the days you might visit. Sometimes they have special activities like folk dancing or talks about the animals on certain days. That might help you decide when to go.

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shoeflyer, Mary and Laura,
Thank you! This insight is very helpful. I also have read to avoid the Vasa when cruise ships are in town, so will take that all into consideration. Fortunately my kids are pretty good at getting up early when we travel!