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We will be in Sweden, Norway, Copenhagen and Aero Island, July 30 August 8 . In my state, the buildings are all air conditioned, and I never go out without a sweater. Will that be true in Scandinavia ? Or is the air conditioning not too cold?

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AC may be available, but depending on your type of accommodation don't count on it. Days can be hot and sunny, or cloudy/rainy and cool. I always bring a light sweater.

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Will that be true in Scandinavia ?

Of course not. Please take a globus and check the lattitude of Scandinavian countries versus your own. The air conditioning in Scandinavian countries is called window in summer and heating in winter. Done. Even in Germany you will find rare air conditioning because it simply does not make sense for two months of year.

Also recommend to check climate tables of your detinations. Weather forecasts longer than 3-4 days are not reliable, in Norway even shorter.

btw: 4 different destinations in 8 days sounds like an over-ambitious itinerary.

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We visited Stockholm for a couple of days prior to or Norwegian cruise from Copenhagen.
We arrived on 6 June and the local temp was 30 degrees C and a bit on the warm side. Our hotel room didn't have AC and they told us few buildings in Sweden have AC. We did have a fan that rotated that we set up and we did just fine. That fan reminded me of when I was a kid in the early 60s. We lived in a home without AC, in South Georgia. We had large windows that we cranked open and fans to circulate the air. It worked pretty well unless the temps went over 90 degrees F.

You will be fine in Scandinavia without AC. If you go to the North Cape of Norway in the Summer, take a sweater and a warm jacket, temps will be a few degrees above freezing.