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3-4 days in Kiruna & 5 days Stockholm in mid March?

We are going to visit our son who is studying abroad in Stockholm, and flying up to Kiruna for a few days (90 miles north of the artic circle) Not much is said about Kiruna on this forum, but I would love to know what would be the most interesting things to see/ do there, if anyone has been. We plan to see the ice hotel and visit the Sami village/ people but would also be interested in hikes or other activities in Winter. Dog sledding? I realize seeing the aurora borealis is hit or miss, but if it worth going out with an organized tour to a remote place to increase chances, I suppose that would be worth doing.
Second, if 5 days is too long in Stockholm, what would be a good day trip destination (with overnight) from there?

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Kiruna is a not a large city, but there are some things to do. The town was built around the mine and they have visitor centre in the mine at 500 m below the surface that is worth a visit. There are also plenty of winter activities that should still be around in mid march, like a trip with a dog sled or reindeer sled. But there will probably still be too much snow to go hiking, but skiing is a good alternative. You might consider going to Abisko for a night, one of the best places to see Auroras. But, as you mention, you need a bit of luck.

But, don't fly to Kiruna without considering the alternatives. I know it might be a knee jerk reaction when you live somewhere without decent public transport, but the overnight train is a good alternative to get to Kiruna, and cheaper as it saves you a night in a hotel.

You can easily spend 5 days in Stockholm, but if you want to see something else, Uppsala is a nice day trip. You can also consider a cruise to Finland.