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Where does one do laundry in Stockholm? I will be in Stockholm in February and I am worried I will have to wash my clothes in the shower. Has anyone done that? If so, what soaps work well for hand washing clothes? I have looked in my Rick Steves' Travel book for a laundry and I could only find one place. It's a drop off /pick up later and a little expensive. Thanks!!

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If Rick's listing is not near your accommodation, then your hotel usually can tell you someplace nearer. A B&B host might let you use her own washer.

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Hi-I've never been to Stockholm, but have washed things out in sinks/showers, and laundromats, and in home washing mahines elsewhere while traveling in Europe.

For hand-washing, bring a small bottle of Woolite or packets of liquid Tide for travelers (it's not the same formula that you'd put in your washing machine). Remember that things might need more time to dry in humid or cold conditions (e.g., Stockholm in Feb) so plan accordingly. Powdered soap can work but liquid soap dissolves quicker, especially in cold or cool water.

Laundromats should have soap for purchase there, or you can bring liquid or powdered detergent from home (double bag in a Ziploc baggie).

If you're using a washing machine at a rented apartment or B&B, they might give you some of theirs, or you might offer them some money to purchase it from them, but bringing our own has always worked best for us.

One nice thing about a drop-off-and-pick-up-later place (if you trust that they will wash your clothes in the correct temperature and follow any other laundry instructions for your garments) is that you can spend your day seeing sights and experiencing your location, and not sitting around the laundromat waiting for your clothes to finish. On the other hand, a Swedish laundromat might be an interesting cultural experience ;-)

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Just noticed your post. When we were in Stockholm our hotel did laundry for us. It was expensive so we just had them do the necessities. We were on our way to Copenhagen and found a Laundromat there.

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Asking at the hotel is usually your best bet.

When I travel for longer periods, I usually do sink laundry once or twice a week and a regular load at the laundromat about once every 1.5-2 weeks.

Sink or tub washing is easy for small things like socks and undies. I use the travel detergent packets found in travel or sample size sections at the grocery or box retailer. Or you can fill your own travel bottles. Swish them around and then rinse them good. The main problem is drying. You can wring them out (hence not doing shirts and nicer things that will wrinkle). Some will wrap them tight in a bath towel which helps soak some of the excess water. Than hang on anything available in or near the shower or radiator (try not to let things drip on good finishes or the floor). It can take a day or two to fully dry.

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The only laundromat that I know of in Stockholm is the Tvättomaten near Odenplan.
Self service laundry is 100 SEK for 5 kg which sounds pretty reasonable to me for Sweden where everything is expensive.

Every apartment building in Stockholm has a laundry room and thus locals don't have a need for laundromats. That is probably why the website is available in English.

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One more thing ... if you are going to handwash, there is a laundry powder called "Forever New" that works well. The sell it on Amazon and also in the lingerie department of Macys.