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Internet Access

My wife and sister are taking a Northern Europe Cruise in a few months. They have internet access at the hotel they are staying at before the cruise. But what after? Maybe this is a dumb question, but are there McDonalds/Starbucks in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark? Where is the best place to E-Mail and messages out during their travels?

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Wi-Fi is usually not so hard to find in Scandinavia. I would not worry about it too much. In Helsinki, they have Wi-Fi in the subway and they also have MacD.

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I went to Stockholm in June 2014, there is Wi-Fi on the Flybussara bus going from Arlanda airport to Central station. There is also Wi-Fi at the Central station and Waynes coffee (similar to Starbucks). There are McDonald and Burger King in Stockholm and they may have WiFi, can't remember now.

There is free wifi pretty much averyware in Sweden - I'd say that all the restaurant and cafés has wifi. Sometimes you just need to ask for the key. It is usually included at the hotels too.