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12 nights in Sweden/Copenhagen with two toddlers

Hi there, we are planning a trip in late August with our 1 and 3 year old. We are flying into Stockholm and out of Copenhagen, and we are planning on renting a car. We would like to spend 4 nights in Stockholm and 3 nights in Copenhagen, but I am having trouble deciding where to spend the 5 nights in between. Head west from Stockholm, stop somewhere by Lake Vänern, then Gothenburg/explore a bit of the archipelago or Bohuslan coast, followed by a night in Lund or Malmo before heading over to Copenhagen? Or instead head south from Stockholm, maybe to Gotland, then onto Ystad, beaches, Lund or Malmo?

We would love any suggestions. I would prefer not to do any drives longer than 3 hours in any day though!


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I have been travelling with my children to Europe over the last few years and have learned some things about travelling with children. My kids are now 15,13 and 11. I find what works best with children is having a base accommodation for 5-7 days before moving onto my next base accommodation and then using the base accommodation to make outings in and around that area. With previous trips to Europe we have had a car. Moving too frequently just tires us out. Five hours is the absolute maximum we will drive on any day and that day was very exhausting.This year I am travelling to Scandinavia in July. I am staying in Copenhagen for 5 nights and 7 nights in Stockholm before travelling to Oslo for 2 days and then renting a car to drive around rural Norway. I think there will be enough for us to do for this duration in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. We will use rail to travel between Copenhagen and Stockholm which I have already bought the tickets for a reasonable price. I thought about renting a car but didn't look forward to the long drives between cities and the sites in and around Stockholm and Copenhagen seemed more interesting then the sights in between. I find that when I have asked for advice on this website before that people don't understand that with children one can see only a fraction of what adults can see in the same time period so it is better to accept this attitude and take things at a slower pace. I try to book through accommodation sites such as Air BNB or VRBO rather then staying in hotels as one will have their own kitchen and things seem to be pleasant if there is a sitting area one can hang out in when the kids have gone to bed. good luck with your family travels