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Traveling Europe Before Study Abroad - What to do with excess luggage

I'm planning on studying abroad for a semester soon and will be doing extensive traveling prior to reaching my destination for my courses. Of course, this presents a problem of having to travel around Europe, taking a mix of trains and planes, with luggage for an entire semester abroad.

Are there any services that allow you to drop off a suitcase or two and have it delivered at a later date to a specified destination? I would like to leave the US with a backpack and after a few weeks of travel, have my suitcase(s) of additional items delivered to the city where I will be studying for the semester.


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Sure, any of the delivery companies - Fed Ex, UPS, etc., will be glad to ship it to any address in the world. It will be expensive but convenient.

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It might (might) be cheaper to travel with it to your arrival airport, and ship it from there. Go onto UPS or DHL websites and play around with the various postal codes to get an idea. Since you usually have one free checked bag for the international flight, the first couple thousand miles of shipping are free. You would have to find out where the shippers locations are, and if that would work for you.

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When I studied abroad at the University of Paris we were able to leave one bag for up to a month for free in our dormitory luggage room after classes let out. It was included in the tuition cost for foreign students. I don't know if they still do this or if the school you are going to will do something similar but you could ask. If the cost of shipping is less or similar to storage then I would just have a friend or family member ship your luggage for you to arrive just before school starting. There are shipping companies that specialize in luggage. I would shop around for the best price/reputation before deciding. I hope this helps!