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Summer job in Madrid or Barcelona

Hi I'm Dani and i just finished my studies in marketing communications. :))))
Now I'm planning to do an internship or a summer job, if sth like this is possible, in Spain - Favorite cities would be Madrid or Barcelona.
Does anybody know a website, a contact or anything, where i can find opportunities??
I can't speak very good Spanish so maybe in English would be nice.

Thanks in advance for you tips !

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Dani, what nationality are you?
I hope you know that if you are NOT an EU citizen, you will need a visa to work in Spain or to stay more than 90 days. Your employer would have to apply for this, it would be job-specific, and they would need to justify why they couldn't find an EU citizen for the job.
I suggest you research Spanish visa rules.

Not speaking Spanish would make finding a job more difficult. In Barcelona they speak Catalan, though most people also speak Spanish (Castilian).

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Your probability of finding a summer job or internship on your own in Spain is a little less than zero. Check the DofDefense for the employment opportunities on military facilities. Spain will be hard but less popular countries might have some options. My son did an internship with an engineering firm in Spain but it was arranged via his university under the Study Abroad program. It also required a visa that took over four months to arrange. But in the end it was more than worth. With a tourist visa you simply cannot work even for free anywhere.

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I hesitated to reply. Please take this as feedback to help you as you're pursuing your career, and congratulations on finishing your studies!

When you're seeking a new job, think from the standpoint of the company who is going to hire you. What are you bringing them, i.e. what value will you be contributing? And, how do you set yourself apart from your competition in order to be the person that they will select, first?

In this instance, you want to work in Spain. Their normal expectations will probably be that you can speak their language. So, you are already at a disadvantage (besides the EU requirements, etc.) compared to your competition for a job. Whatever position you're looking for in the future, research & reduce any gaps possible between the job expectations & your current skills. Also, be sure to proof-read your written communication. ; )