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Summer 2017

Hey everyone! So I'm at a standstill and would love some new ideas. I am trying to think about my summer plans and know I want to travel. I was fortunate enough to study abroad this past summer in Florence and got to 5 other countries in Europe. I do not need any more credits but would love to do something that allows me to bounce around. I have considered working in Ireland or working on a cruise ship, but as far as I can see for the latter idea, it seems to often be a six month minimum? I pondered the idea of yachting or something maybe less corporate oriented. Don't really know where to go from here but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, they would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Working on a cruise ship depends on whether you have a skill that they need. I have friends who teach ballroom dancing and they work individual cruises 3-4 times a year. And they get a good deal of free time when the ship's in port, since their lessons and performances are never scheduled then. But there are few jobs on ships like that. Most of the staff work long, hard hours and have few days off.

One of the issues discussed now and then is the possibility of working in Europe. Unless you have a European passport, it's pretty hard to get a working visa and it's illegal to work on a tourist visa.

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Get into working with a University that has a great study abroad program. They need adults for student life and logistics over there and it can become a permanent or every couple years rotational type of thing. Get in now and after graduation you might have lots of possibilities.