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Studying in Sweden, Traveling to Europe

I will be studying in Sweden fall 2014 and would like to travel around Europe while I'm there. I was wondering if there are any spectacular places in Europe to visit that would not cost too much money.

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Unfortunately, I do not have an answer, but only an added related question. My daughter is studying in London and would like to visit several European cities over the spring holiday. Are there any avenues out there which provide economical tours for students for longer than weekends? She and her friends are not the "strike out on your own" types. Thank you!

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On the home page of this website there is a tab for Andy Steves's business called Weekend Student Adventures. This is Rick's son and Andy has been offering these weekend adventures for around 3 years. Is is probably exactly what you are looking for. check out his site and see what you think.

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When I studied in Italy, I often based where I visited on the weekends based on where I could get a cheap flight through Ryanair or other budget airlines. Use to search for deals - you can search from Sweden to any destination and it will show you the cheapest ones. I booked directly through the airline once I found the prices on Skyscanner. I went to Bratislava, Slovakia; Thessaloniki, Greece; and other places. The flights were cheap, and then I found hostels to stay in (read reviews on! See what people say about cleanliness, safety, location, etc... don't choose the cheapest hostel just because it is cheap).

Another place I went to was Istanbul. I loved it. The flight was more expensive - I flew through Pegasus which is their "budget" airline, but still much nicer than Ryanair etc overall, but once I got to Istanbul my stay was very cheap. My hostel was 10€ a night, food was cheap, etc.

Note: If you do decide to travel on any of the budget airlines, FOLLOW THEIR RULES especially for baggage. Make sure you have your ticket printed before the airport, or else you pay 40€ for it. Make sure your bag is the right size/weight. One hint to get around that is to just pack in your (school-size, not backpack around Europe size) backpack. They are less likely to check the weight of it etc. All you need is a few bits of clothing, your purse, etc. Also note that when Ryanair says only one bag permitted, they mean one bag. Not your backpack + a purse. You must fit your purse in your backpack.

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It is easier to travel internally in Europe with a base (your student house) near a convenient airport, because you don't have much luggage considerations to do on short weekend getaways on low-cost airlines.

You can travel "on the cheap" throughout most of Europe if you stay in hostels and resort to fast food as money-saving strategies.