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Would 4 days be enough for Madrid or Barcelona? And which one is better to visit?

Hi! We are planning to do a 4 day trip to Europe and thinking to do Spain (either Madrid or Barcelona). Would 4 days be adequate time for either of these locations. We are big foodies and wine lovers (not much beach/party people).

Thank you!

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Six days would be better, 10 days great but you can cover a lot of ground in 4 days. You can hit the high lights and return sometime for a more leisurely visit. We have been to Barcelona five or six times. Shortest was one day and the longest about fours. You will get a good overview in the time. Second, Madrid and Barcelona are very different but equally interesting. If I had to choice one over the other it would be Barcelona by a very tiny margin.

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A 4 day trip to Spain is no better an idea than your earlier idea to do so in Portugal (OP apparently removed that post)

Better idea is Calif wine country, if all you have is 4 days

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When is trip .

Where are you from .

This is all up in the air

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I just got back earlier from the Best of Barcelona and Madrid tour on Thursday. I arrived in Barcelona a day early so I was there Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. That was plenty of time to see the basics. Barcelona is absolutely beautiful. We took the high speed train to Madrid (3 hours) on Wednesday and had a short bus tour of the city before having a WONDERFUL dinner. At 2:15 am my phone went crazy with my kids telling me to get home so I was on a 6 am flight. Therefore, I really can't tell you much about Madrid. I would highly recommend the hotels we were staying in. They were both in great locations.

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Do you like Chocolate or Vanilla. I like both, like both Madrid and Barcelona.

When you plan on Madrid, you should also plan on a day trip to both Toledo and Segovia. Also, a visit to the amazing Prado Art Museum. The Royal Palace and other sites will take at least a couple more days. Four days is cutting it close, but you can do a lot.

Barcelona, including a day trip to Monserrat is nice. A city tour, including all the Gaudi sites are a must. Sagrada Familia is amazing, be sure to tour the inside as well.

You can walk the old city with it Cathedral, but you need a tour to take you to the Olympic sites and fort at the top of the hill.

Both cities have great tapas bars and restaurants. Enjoy

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If you’ve never been to either, then it doesn’t matter. Both are nice cities with plenty to see and do. It really depends on what you like to do.

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Been to both and you can't go wrong with your choice. I would probably base my decision on flight logistics/price. Barcelona architecture is more unique but Madrid museums are better. Four days will be good for either.

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hey hey kdesai
when are you planning to take this trip?
you should read the article in beyond europe: traveling in uncertain times. about a couple's 4 day weekend getaway.

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I very much doubt the veracity of this post. From where are they planning just four days in Europe?

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For food, I think Madrid is better. They have a nice array of different styles and regions of Spain from Galician, to Basque, to Tapas, to regional food of the area. There are also a number of markets serving an array of options, small places with tight menus, on up to high class cuisine.

Barcelona is definitely better for seafood, but Madrid does pretty good for being in the center of the Country.

Madrid also has the advantage that it is large enough that the crowds in the central area are not as oppressive, as they are in Barcelona most of the time.

Of course current times have changed things greatly, maybe in a few months things will be normal.

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hey hey all
this poster hasn't checked back. don't know when they plan this getaway. with all that is happening in the world wonder if they are still interested.