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Why doesn't Rick like Valencia?

Rick Steves Spain 2013 doesn't even mention Valencia which is the third largest city in Spain. It has a great historic city center with cathedrals and musuems. The ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences is a huge attraction. Add in Mediterranean beaches and you have a great city to visit. What am I missing?

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There certainly are things to enjoy in Valencia, but it just doesn't make Rick's cut for his favorite places for a first-time, one-month visit to Spain, or to fit into one book that is already straining its 980-page limit. Being big isn't what makes a city great, either; including a mix of smaller towns gives you a much different flavor of a country.

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He ignores almost all of northern Spain, as well. There are great things to see all over Spain, and everyone has their own opinions. Try another guidebook.

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An impartial guide to any nation for which it's published is a Michelin Green Guide.

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Nancy was not suggesting Valencia was in northern Spain. She was lamenting that RS also does not cover it so well, though I think he does hit the main highlights.

Casey - I have followed you here from TA. Valencia is a fantastic place - it is not a big city, but a welcoming, compact place you can easily walk around. Rick is missing out: has he even been to Valencia? If he has (the response from Laura makes me doubt that), he should re-visit and reconsider.

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It does not matter if RS has been there or not and likes it or not. If you enjoyed it then just start a post advocating what you liked about the place.

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In case you haven't noticed, Rick has a penchant for trains. In Spain, the best train routes operate in roughly a "C" pattern that includes Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada. Valencia isn't part of that curcuit, which is why I think Rick skips it - other than giving it a mention as a second choice destination.

Every one has their own opinions. For my money, Costa del Sol is the place to skip in favor of Costa de la Luz - but that's because I prefer quiet, uncrowded beaches to resorts. Others love Costa del Sol and plan their entire vacation there.