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Which are the best paella restaurants near La Rambla in Barcelona?

We are planning to have a good dinner in an authentic place in the Barcelona downtown so we want to try a Paella in the Gothic quarter. Any ideas?

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Try these restaurants. Not only do the Paellas taste great but location is excellent.

Xiringuito Escribà

Pez Vela Chiringuito

La Barraca

Restaurante La Barca del Salamanca

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Unfortunately, many of the Paella restaurants on or near las Ramblas or the Barrio Gotico have become tourist traps, catering to clueless visitors with overpriced pre-frozen Paellas. I'm sure there are exceptions in the area, but I have had no such luck. The general rule of thumb is; if there are pictures of the paella on display outside the restaurant, then most likely it is an overpriced trap.

The one place I can recommend relatively close by, which RJean has already brought up, is La Barca del Salamanca. It's located at the Port Olímpic, which is about 2 km north of the Barrio Gotico, close to the beach. The place has a great (and reasonably priced) 3-course set lunch (Menu del Dia) during the weekdays which includes, Paella, Arroz Negro, and Fideuà among many things. I went back there a couple of weeks ago and the place still holds up. It was packed and almost all were still locals. Ask for a table outside, if the weather is good.

The other thing I would suggest, if you want a truly authentic experience, is to go out for Paella during the lunch time (around 2 pm). Locals won't eat Paella during dinner time but rather at lunch, which is the main meal of the day. The reasoning being that Paella is too heavy of a dish to eat at night, that's why we go out for tapas at night.