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Which admission ticket at the Alhambra?

In looking at the Alhambra website I see lots of options for visits. I know that Rick Steve book recommends the General admission visit to see all three major sights in the day, but I also find some of the other offers inviting.
My questions are:

Has anyone experienced the night tour of the palace when it is lit and would you recommend it as an addition to the day visit?

Has anyone experienced the "Alhambra Experience" visit when you see rooms that are not seen on the general admission visit? Would you recommend it as an addition to the general admission visit?

Has anyone experienced the "Other Look" visit which is a 4 hour tour starting in the Alhambra but going out into the area and looking at the history of the time? Would you recommend it as an addition to the general admission visit?

We are visiting at the beginning of October.

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We visited the Palaces at night and again the next day as part of a "general visit" to the three ticketed areas. The night visit was well worth it---less crowded and beautifully lit. But it does not substitute for a day visit.

The "Alhambra Experience", as I read the offer, does not include special rooms not seen by the public on a general visit. Instead, itis a night visit to the Palaces and a day visit to the Generalife and Alcazaba the next day. I would not recommend this as you will miss the palace in daylight.

The "Other Look" is the type of visit that includes special areas. These are themed walking tours. We did the "Conquest of Water" tour and it was terrific. Note that none of these tours allows you general entry into the palaces. So it is not a substitute for a general day ticket with timed entry into the palaces. On the day we did this, many people signed up for the tour because the general day tickets were sold out. The guide had to explain that it would not allow them to wander through the whole palace on their own. Me did go through a special door and see the Lion Court area because it was part of the water tour. But people on the tour did not see the rest of the palaces, so we were glad we booked both.

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Based on what Sasha posted, the special offers are mainly intended for people who have already seen the regular Alhambra areas. Therefore, unless you are going to spend enough time to do both on separate days (and have enough interest to do both), stick with the "regular" tickets, which still cover a great deal. If I went back, I'd be interested in one of these other tickets. But my first time, I was "Alhambra-ed out" by just seeing the stuff on the regular ticket; it takes hours even to "whizz through."

"The night visit was well worth it---less crowded and beautifully lit. But it does not substitute for a day visit."

I just want to emphasize this point. The night visit is completely different, and you only get to see parts of the Nasrid Palace - not the rest of the Alhambra. It was an interesting supplement, but (like the other tickets you asked about), you need to have the primary experience too.

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I did the night tour first and it was great. The next day I went back for the day experience and the Nasrid Palaces looked very different - but just as great. I would recommend that order.

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Thank you Sasha , Harold and Chani for such clear and concise replies!

Based on your replies I have booked the General Daytime visit today and will also book the night time visit - hopefully the night before.

The Conquest of Water and other tours from "Other Look" are very tempting, but I think it could be overload ( and I am so glad you brought that point up as I love to see historical tours and can sometimes over do) since we are only in Granada for three days. Maybe we can get a ticket on the third day at the last minute if we are still eager.

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If you do only one tour, make it a day tour. Although the lighting and thinner crowds at night evoke a more intimate feeling, some of the areas aren't lit well enough to fully appreciate.

I'm not sure I want the Alhambra Experience. I'm sure it's great but the standard tour with gardens, fort, Spanish palace, Arab baths, etc. are as much as most people can absorb in a day.

If I did other Alhambra related tours, I'd do them on a separate day so you don't overload yourself and give yourself plenty of time to visit on your general admission day.