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Where would you go with a 14 yr. old son in Spain for around 10 days

I have friends in Granada who I haven't seen in years. If I was to go there from Los Angeles, what is the quickest and most direct way there. And what would be a good itinerary around there? With or without a car, or using a bus or trains. I used a bus from Granada to Seville years ago, and I liked it, but that is a long trip. My son has been a pretty good traveler, but lately he has been a pain in the a%# and I don't want to take the chance I would bore him too much.

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I gave some bus information in the other thread.

What time of year do you plan to travel? Andalucia tends to be terribly hot in the summer, and if your son is a bit prickly at the moment, that sort of weather probably will not improve his disposition.

I use Google Flights to explore flight options. There's an airport in Granada, but it may not have good, affordable connections for you. Check and see. If you decide to visit aditional places, not just Granada, check out a multi-city flight rather than a round-trip. Sometimes those are affordable.

Malaga has a bigger airport, or there's Madrid. If you're planning a short trip, it's a tough call to make. You might save hundreds of dollars by flying into Madrid (I did), but then you have the extra trip to Granada. You might end up spending the first night in Madrid since you can't book onward transportation in advance due to uncertainty about your arrival time. And if you fly home from Madrid (or Malaga), you'll need to head back there on the last full day of your trip, costing you vacation time.

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Madrid and Barcelona will be the two largest airports. I checked into flying into San Sebastian, Seville, and Granada and I couldn't get to any of them without first going through one of those two cities (we were just there a few weeks ago). The trains are really easy between most of the southern cities, especially if you can book an AVE train, since the airports are often outside the main city (vs. train stations in the center) and you have to factor in the extra time to get to the airport. We loved Barcelona and so has just about everyone we've ever met that has been there. We also enjoyed Granada and seeing the Alhambra -- it's a college town, so your son might like that vibe. I think it also depends on what you like to see/do. The Andalusian hill towns were our favorite area, but I don't know that I would've appreciated it as much when I was 14. We also liked Madrid a lot, which seems to create a polar reaction from most travelers in either direction, which has the museums, shopping, soccer, Retiro Park. You can also day trip (or stop) in Toledo, another college town.

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Thank you for your ideas and answers. I know it will be hot in Southern Spain, I don't have to go to Granada, which I have already been, maybe just going anywhere will satisfy my kid, maybe not.

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But I suspect "the beach" would be fine for a 14-year-old, and there are lots of them in Spain.

I have a grown son (54 in April) and traveled with him all over the place when he was growing up. He is a great traveler now (interested, patient, adaptable) and will be accompanying me to Barcelona in a week. Something for you to look forward to. :)

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When we went with my son at that age, he loved Toledo, Consuegra, Granada, Sevilla, and Segovia; pretty much any place with a building resembling a castle. He also liked the beaches in southern France, but more for the swimsuits than the beaches. He hated museums and palaces.