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Where to Stay in Galicia

We will be traveling in Spain for two weeks in June, spending the last 5 days or so in Galicia. We plan to fly to Santiago and rent a car. We'll be visiting Santiago, Vigo, Ourense, and wherever else strikes our fancy. Any suggestions of a city or town that might be a good base of operations? And any recommended hotels or hostals?

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It's probably closer to 6 days, as we'll be taking an overnight train to Madrid the last day, and will then fly home from Madrid. Our son is currently living in Ourense, which is our main reason for the visit to this area. We are not only interested in the cities; we would like to explore a lot of the coastal area as well. We decided to rent a car so that it would be easy to get around. Is this not the case?

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A car is the only way to do it.

Parking fees are minimal. Vigo will be the worse, maybe ten bucks for all day/night, and there's plenty of free street parking. Small towns are either dead free or chump change.

Vigo is going to take a couple or three nights.

Maybe for a change of pace, Muros, Ares, or Viveiro. Betanzos is another good one and maybe the best of the lot - - it has three or four hostals, at least. They're all small and on the water, but offer enough to do in the evenings if you go wandering along the coast during the day. I'm thinking they all have TIs or at least a glassed board. You're not going to have a bit of trouble finding a place to stay in any of them. Figure thirty to forty euro per night, at worst.

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Distances are not far in this region, so enjoy the flexibility that the car will allow. Your son must also have a list of his favorite already-visited or not-yet-visited destinations.