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where to go from Spain- Morroco or Portugal?

We (two older women) are traveling for 6 weeks in southern Spain- Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, Sevilla. After Sevilla we will have about 9 days before we will head back to Madrid. We are debating- going to (Portugal) Faro for a couple days, then on to Lisbon for 7 days. This will be from March 19-27. But it looks like Faro and Lisbon will be pretty rainy then. Perhaps better to go to Morocco for that week? Any thoughts?

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So, you're going to be in Sevilla, and 9 days later you need to be in Madrid (presumably to fly home from there)?

Consider using Morocco as your "bridge" from Sevilla to Madrid. Might sound crazy at first, but I did something similar (though I was going from Madrid to Paris).

Flights to/from Morocco can be crazy cheap.

Maybe, fly Sevilla to Marrakech. Spend 8 days in Morocco (perfect length for a first trip, you'll probably get less rain there than in Portugal), end your Morocco trip in Fes. Fly from Fes to Madrid. Or do something similar flying in to Fes and out from Marrakech. You will have more options for flights to/from Marrakech and Madrid, less to/from Fes and Seville.

There's a good train system in Morocco, linking Marrakech and Fes (though that may be a long ride if you do it all in one day). Plenty to see and do - you'll get some of the best of Morocco, without having to subject yourself to the ferry and day-trip coastal ports.

The only trick is that some of the cheap flights don't go every day, so check schedules carefully (looks like Ryanair flies between Madrid and Marrakech 4X per week, but flights to/from Fes may only be 2X or 3X per week in March - tickets as cheap as $14). Look at different combinations of the 4 cities - if you can make the day-of-the-week work at both ends, the whole thing can work.

Check carefully for available dates. Also be sure you're back to Madrid the day before your long flight home so you are not cutting it too close that you miss that (expensive to replace) flight.

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Have you considered staying in Spain and exploring a different region?

Have you been to Barcelona previously?

Spain is a large country with many options!

Enjoy your trip!


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